Monday, May 22, 2006

Madonna the Bimbo

Who in the world goes to Madonna concerts? She has yet to release a half-decent song yet her career continues through the use of shock. The trouble is that most stopped being shocked by her twenty-some years ago so she needs to up her dose of shock like a junkie on a two decade jag. So here is some aged bimbo who celebrates her career of playing a whore by crucifying herself on a cross. Of course she went to a Catholic school so this is just a little “acting out”. Her family must be proud. “Yes honey, that’s mommy, defiling religion for money. Maybe someday you can dress up to be a hooker too!” The chick is simply dull and predictable.

When I lived near Wrigley Field Madonna was at Wrigley to make the movie “A League of Their Own” and she was camped out in a trailer down the street from me. A guy I knew was sent over by the Cubs to act as her gofer. He later said that his job consisted of going over to a shady little video store on Addison St. to pick up pornos for Madonna. He said that she sat in her trailer with a vibrator and watched pornos until she had to be on the set. It has long struck me that the chick is little more than a porn star for little girls, making her one Class-A strange bird.


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