Saturday, May 06, 2006

Joe Wilson the Leaker? What a Shock!

Both Pajamas Media and the Gateway Pundit are reporting that Joe Wilson may have been a source for leaks concerning his wife Valorie Plame. This is something that I have speculated about for almost two years, that Joe Wilson leaked the name of his wife to the media. Whether he did this to hurt the administration or because he is a simple publicity hound I do not know. It is always difficult to speculate on someone’s motives. After Mr. Wilson’s op-ed piece appeared in the NY Times I considered the case bizarre for many of the same reasons that some in the blogasphere considered it bizarre. The man was writing in the press for starters, furthermore he seemed to have no qualifications. The article itself was bizarre, I stated at the time that if the best that the CIA could do was to send an overweight, middle-aged, white, former surfer-dude to an African nation (Niger) to look at possible black market or covert activities; then we were in much deeper trouble than most of us imagined. A white guy sipping tea on a veranda likely will not uncover much in the way of covert transactions in Africa. Does the CIA even have any black field officers? The entire episode pointed towards incompetence. The episode also pointed to the possibility of a rouge agency that was trying to surreptitiously undermine the elected officials of the US. In addition it seemed that the agency was attempting to influence the outcome of a federal election. A spy agency influencing American elections is something that the Democrats are supposed to be outraged by, oh well. So if Mr. Wilson is the leaker, one must ask is the CIA full of incompetents or is it full of treasonous bureaucrats? Only time will tell.


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