Monday, May 08, 2006

NY Times Discloses Classified Energy Policy Ideas

In yesterday’s article concerning Democratic hopes on retaking congress this fall the Times slipped in what must have been classified information concerning Democratic energy policies. The secret policy was leaked in this paragraph:

Pelosi also vowed "to use the power to investigate" the administration on multiple fronts, starting with the task force convened in secret by Vice President Cheney to devise the administration's energy policy. The administration has successfully fought lawsuits since 2001 that sought to reveal the names of energy company executives tapped to advise the task force.

One must admit it is a brilliant plan, investigate Cheney, he must have all of the oil! “Lookey over yonder Nancy, that thars a gusher.” This investigating a task force thing has been going on for five years with these people. The courts have repeatedly found that there was nothing illegal in the Vice-President taking private counsel. Some Democrats have even tried to make the situation a corollary to the Hillary Care task force. They keep forgetting that among the legal issues was the fact that Mrs. Clinton was not a person elected to the executive branch. During those five years the total new energy ideas put forth by the Democrats could be counted on the fingers of the handless man.

During those five years it would have better served both the Democrats and the nation if the Democrats would have argued the issues and the ideas that came out of the task force rather than the task force itself.* The Democrats energy ideas haven’t really changed in the last thirty years so I guess that five isn’t such a big deal. For as long as I can remember, the Democrats have said that they support clean, inexpensive and renewable energy; and big chocolate cakes.

The policies to achieve those dreams have been to subsidize alternative energy sources. Most have been failures but in all fairness some have helped lower the costs of energy, solar is one example. Solar is still too expensive to compete in the average Americans situations, but it has been getting cheaper and likely will continue becoming more economical. Solar has also become cost effective enough to get a decent amount of use in remote areas. Solar may just need a break through that we haven’t yet imagined.

* On second thought maybe it’s just as well that the Democrats didn’t actually argue energy issues. Who knows what inanities the New York Times would’ve been forced to print?


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