Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sun Times Media Critic Tries Politics, the Problem Is He Gets His News from the Daily Show and the Daily Kos

This Sun Times article amounts to a public complaint concerning the media’s coverage of the White House Correspondents Dinner and the general media panning of the performance by Stephen Colbert. It is really a very strange article. Having seen a tape of both Mr. Colbert and the President I can say that although I wouldn’t go to Vegas to see either one of them, the President did have a better routine than the comedian. Mr. Elfman snarked that the President had material written for him, does Elfman believe that Colbert writes all of his own stuff? Should the President even be spending any time writing jokes? Mr. Elfman wrote that to liberals TV news journalism “is a big stinking cabal of conservatives.” That would be news to conservatives, especially after the TV news department of CBS News (CBS is of course, a television company) based a very anti-Bush piece on an obviously fraudulent document fifty-five days before a Presidential election. It would also come as a surprise to those of us who watched NBC News one evening during the spring of 2004 as they interviewed an Egyptian “journalist” who stated that Rumsfeld and Bush were Neo-Nazis. It would shock those who have done studies and surveys of Washington journalists. Heck, it should shock anyone who pays attention to Washington politics.

The Sun Times piece is truly awful, Mr. Elfman claimed that the President and Mrs. Bush “fled as soon as possible afterwards.” Elfman then asks “(f)rom whom were they fleeing? A star comedian”. If Mr. Elfman had been paying attention during the past five plus years he’d have known that the President goes to bed very early. There have even been comedy routines about the habit.

My initial thought upon hearing the Colbert bit that Elfman complains did not get enough media praise was that the bit sounded just like what is so often the nonsense on the Daily Kos or the Democratic Underground. No wonder Elfman and the other kids over at the Kos were so upset about it. Mr. Elfman really is simply writing about the ramblings and musings on the Daily Kos and this Colbert stuff is just a cover. After first doing the job of challenging reality by calling CNN America’s middle ground and doing a typical tar-job on FOX News, Mr. Elfman wrote this revealing admission, “Liberals find true solace on TV only in the fake news of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report" and "The Daily Show”.

At least the guy admits his ignorance. It just seems that Mr. Elfman has gotten in way over his pay scale.


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