Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption – Dems Run Cult Member for Congress

Yep, those wacky Democrats are up to their old tricks again, they’ve found a former cult member to run for a “safe” (see black) seat in Congress to represent Minnesota. The sap that they have found wasn’t just any cult member, rather he was a leader in the cult. The cult is, of course, the Nation of Islam (noi). The noi is the leading cult in the black community and like all such groups they rely on the utter ignorance of their members and the ability of their leaders to push unimaginably ignorant ideas. Flying Debris has written about the noi here, here, here, here and here and concluded that one should consider it a cult due to the ideas that they peddle to the gullible.

The Nation of Islam was founded on the idea that white people were “invented” by a black mad scientist named Yakub six-thousand years ago. They also have taught that Yakub and his successors spent the following six-hundred years “whitening” Yakub’s “invention”. Flying Debris has already pointed out that Michael Jackson achieved whitened skin pigment in just ten to fifteen years. As bizarre as the whole Yakub story is, the rest of noi is just as cult-like.

Scott Johnson of Powerline has written twelve posts on the candidacy of one Keith Ellison (Who is Keith Ellison #( )) aka Keith Hakim, a former noi cult leader. The Powerline guys have also been very pointed in their criticism of the Minneapolis media, especially the Minneapolis Star Tribune, which actually has had some glowing and dishonest articles about Hakim’s past ties to the noi cult. Ellison has been held out as possibly the first Muslim to be a member of the US Congress; the media have been denying Hakim’s links to the noi cult.

The fact that the Dems (in Minnesota it is the DFL, the Democratic Farmer Labor Party) obviously believe that they can get away with nominating a former cult leader to run for Congress shows how obviously corrupt the relationship between the Dems and the media really is. Flying Debris cannot keep up with the extensive writing that Scott Johnson of Powerline fame has been doing on the case of Hakim and the Dems so here are the twelve posts from Powerline:

Who is Keith Ellison? (12)
Who is Keith Ellison? (11)
Who is Keith Ellison? (10)
Who is Keith Ellison? (9)
Who is Keith Ellison? (8)
Who is Keith Ellison? (7)
Who is Keith Ellison? (6)
Who is Keith Ellison? (5)
Who is Keith Ellison? (4)
Who is Keith Ellison? (3)
Who is Keith Ellison? (2)
Who is Keith Ellison?

Minnesota holds it’s primaries in September so we should get a few more months of writings about the Democratic Party, the Minnesota media and their attempts to dupe the general public.


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