Sunday, June 18, 2006

Le Mans – Class Leading Porsche in Trouble W/O Cell Phone 2

WOW GT3 is on the circuit again!!! Team mechanics went out onto the circuit to tell the driver how to engage the tranny – he is now limping back to the pits, class win seems VERY unlikely – they need to fix the tranny – Panoz just took over class lead!

The class leading Porsche GT3 RSR is reported to be definitely stopped out on the circuit at Arnage. Speed Channel had reported a problem with 4th gear during the just completed pit stop. The Le Mans rules require the driver to get the car back to the pits if he is stopped out on the circuit, so the cars carry tool kits and communicating with the driver is critical in order to tell what to repair – Speed just reported that the car is stuck out at Arnage and that the pits have lost communication with the car, nothing, not even telemetry. The team is hoping that the Porsche factory group may be able to communicate some telemetry information (commentator implied that and yes it does sound dubious, on the other hand the factory did not have any entry in the race and may be there collecting telemetry for their customers). They also said that the driver was not carrying a cell phone. Yep, spend $1 million plus and get stuck on the circuit without a device that is given away for free.


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