Saturday, June 17, 2006

J Bond’s Car at Le Mans

This year’s Le Mans 24 Hour race was featuring the first Le Mans racer to sport a triple digit number. The lead Aston Martin (in green livery) is number 007, something to warm the hearts of James Bond fans. Things aren’t going too well for the 007 car, they made a somewhat routine pit stop after 6 laps (under a caution flag) and came out just behind the rival Corvette; the Aston crew changed tires after driving through some wreckage debris. One lap later the Aston’s crew made a late (and likely surprising) call to pit and the Aston ran over the Armco at the start of pit lane and tore off the oil sump (oil pan). That caused quite a mess in the pits (and at pit-in) and the 007 Aston Martin is in the garage being worked on after 7 laps; a big bonus for the Corvettes.


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