Monday, June 12, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption: Franklin County Ohio Democrats Threw ’04 Election for Bush?

Bob Hebert in this morning’s NY Times (“Those Pesky Voters” Behind the pay wall) calls himself initially skeptical concerning the Bush stole the election talk; that was before he threw in with the likes of Robert Kennedy Jr. One of Mr. Hebert's main points is the allegation of "substantial bias” with respect to the allocation of voting machines in African-American areas around Columbus Ohio. Of course Mr. Hebert does this in order to smear Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, an African-American Republican running for Governor in Ohio this year. What really makes that idea interesting is that voting in Ohio, like the rest of the country, is controlled by counties (parish’s in La.), and in the instance cited by Mr. Hebert the county controlling the polling in question, Franklin County, is a Democratic county. Yep, the county government is controlled by Democrats; in fact the county election administrator at the time is an African-American Democrat. The city government of Columbus Ohio is also controlled by Democrats and it's mayor is an African-American Democrat. So Mr. Hebert, his editors, Mr. Kennedy and some unknown number of Democrats, expect us to believe that the African-American Democratic leaders in Franklin County Ohio disenfranchised the African-American Democrats of Franklin County Ohio in order to help Republican George Bush win re-election. With all of the Hollywood connections you would think that they could come up with a better story.

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