Wednesday, June 07, 2006

William Jefferson “Fund Raising” Letter

Dear Contributer,
I have been presented with a wonderful opportunity that my friends and associates should take advantage of. As many of you know the national telephone system of Nigeria has been having troubles with our nation’s new banking laws; specifically they have substantial funds “frozen” in our banking system. They need the help of good Americans like yourself in order to free their “frozen” funds. I know what you’re thinking; Nigeria, now they probably want my bank account numbers. Friends, have no fear, they are asking for no such thing. In order to secure their funds the Nigerian telephone system needs one or more Americans to put up $100,000 “earnest money”. Specifically they need $100,000 of cold hard cash. They are prepared to transfer the ownership of a Nigerian telephone franchise valued at $500,000 to the American who can help them get out of this financial bind. To take advantage of this opportunity please contact me at my Washington DC office and be prepared to meet me with unmarked twenty dollar bills, I will take care of the freezing part.

William Jefferson
United States Congress

Warning: the Above is Satire


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