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Democratic Culture of Corruption: More Vote Fraud

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Outrageous Democratic Campaign Literature Insulting to Almost All Americans

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Being a lifelong observer of Chicago politics I have been amused by Nancy Pelosi’s campaign of labeling Republicans as having a “culture of corruption.” Flying Debris has tried to make it clear that corruption is a human failure rather than a failure of one particular party. Here in Chicago local Democrats were once openly boastful of allegations that vote fraud here in Chicago put John F. Kennedy into the White House; this strangely stopped during November and December of 2000 during the historic Florida recount. Some have even claimed that local elections are now clean.

The flier pictured above is helping Democrats in Texas recruit current illegals to their party with the hope that they will vote Democratic when they become citizens. In California the Democrats don’t want to wait that long; Francine Busby, a Congressional candidate, has stated either that people “without papers” can vote, or that they should work on her campaign; it is unclear which. Of course it is vote fraud to register non-citizens to vote, it steals the votes of actual citizens (by cancelling out those votes) and is simply another attempt to surreptitiously change the rules by which we vote. The Democrats pulled a similar stunt in California before the 1996 elections, a program run by Al Gore (Citizenship USA) enrolled ineligible people as citizens. Notice that the reverse side of the flier is in Spanish, how convenient. The brazenness of the flier is unbelievable, is Texas supposed to be part of Mexico or the other way around? It should be noted that the US once repelled an invasion by the Mexican army into Texas and drove them so far into Mexico that the US held Mexico City. Obviously Mexico City was returned to Mexico.

The flier above is a very strange tactic; it is the sort of thing that is so insulting to Americans that one has to wonder why anybody would take the risk. Wizbang offered a good reason last April in this post. Describing the classification of racial groups as “collectives” (African-Americans being the prime example) the idea would be to enlist Hispanics as Democrats early; after all, their largely Catholic values coincide with the professed values of Republicans rather than Democrats. That flier is one that should be used by Republicans. For More on these Democratic campaigns tactics see:

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Update: The Gateway Pundit has taken up the story of Ms. Busby’s comment urging illegals to vote and provides this link to a story in this morning’s San Diego Union Tribune concerning her attempts to backtrack on her remark.

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