Sunday, October 08, 2006

We Would Support the Troops, if We Knew Who the Heck they Were!

The Democratic National Committee has a portion of their web site dedicated to “Veterans and Military Families”. Besides the fact that the main group photo of the “military families” appears to have been taken while they were making that strange Ned Lamont/ Markos of Kos ad, they apparently couldn’t find any photos of actual American soldiers. You would think that somebody in the DNC would have taken some sort of photo of an American soldier during the nearly five years that we have been actively fighting in the middle-east. No the “patriots” in the Democratic Party simply went online and found a suitable (for their purposes) photo of a soldier in uniform and posted it so that the world would know how much they “care about the troops.” Problem number one is that they apparently do not know what an American soldier looks like. Here’s a hint to all of those Democrats out there: in accordance with the Geneva Convention American soldiers wear uniforms and insignias that designate them as American soldiers.

It appears that the wiz-kids at the DNC searched the web for a photo of an American soldier and they found and posted a photo of a Canadian soldier. This could make some of those AWOL Democratic soldiers up in Canada a little nervous; “do you mean that the Canadians might send us to Iraq? I’m going to Venezuela!” Problem number two is that it appears that many or most of the “dedicated” members of the Democratic Party seem to use American soldiers for sometimes unseemly propaganda purposes, making this entire exercise silly.

As always the Gateway Pundit has a piece on the Dem-Squads latest nonsense as does both the wonderful Michelle Malkin and one of the webs photoshopping experts Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs.


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