Saturday, October 14, 2006

Democratic Chickenhawker Studds Dead at 69

Former Democratic Congressman and notorious Chickenhawker Gerry Studds died this morning in Boston. Ironically he was 69 when he passed away. Mr. Studds has been back in the news of late due to the Mark Foley/Congressional Page scandal that has been sweeping Washington DC for several weeks now. Mr. Studds was an openly gay man who apparently had a thing for young boys. He was caught up in a scandal that involved Mr. Studds taking a 17 year-old Congressional Page to Portugal in order to have some sort of romantic vacation; ok, Studds took the Page to Portugal to have sex with him. Studds was also notorious for his refusal to take his eventual Congressional censure like a man. He turned his back on the House of Representatives when his censure was read into the Congressional Record; of course Mr. Studds was used to turning his backside to a room full of men. Not only did the Democratic Party largely support Mr. Studds in that censure vote but Mr. Studds was also subsequently re-elected 5 times by his Provincetown, Ma. district.

Update: The Gateway Pundit has a taste of the blogosphere’s take on the Democratic molester.


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