Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Wankers at Wonkette Wrong Malkin and Shill for Booze

The Bimbo(s) who write on the Wonkette web site are asking for $5 drinks; it is unclear why they deserve the drinks but they certainly need them, or something stronger like sodium thiopental. First the wankers posted an obviously photoshopped photo of Michelle Malkin’s head stuck on top of some altogether too large body of a bikini-wearing woman in order to make some sort of point. The point was lost due to the fact that average and normal American women actually wear bikinis; something that pisses off Islamists and apparently the wankers at Wonkette. Michelle has a full run-down on the strange goings-on over on the lefty side of the Blogasphere. Maybe next time the Head Wanker could find a “photo” of Michelle with one of those “oh so becoming” trampstamps. I must write that I have never had much respect for that Wonkette woman as a “journalist”. The story that I heard some years ago is that the Wonkette could not get a job in journalism so she started blogging. Considering that the Wonkette is an obvious liberal and considering that our nation’s journalists are overwhelmingly liberal I figured that “this woman must really suck.” She has yet to live down my initial assessment.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Tokyo Rose Dead in Chicago

See the Sun Times Story here.

Monday, September 25, 2006

John McCain: “My Moral High Ground is America’s Boot Hill”

Paul Mirengoff of Powerline has a short piece on Senator John McCain (R-Az.) that quotes the Senator as saying that forewarning our enemies concerning America’s tactics leaves him on some sort of “moral high ground.” Great, so now most of the US Senate is both delusional and narcissistic. See below for Flying Debris’ take on those narcissistic people who believe that the “moral high ground” means not defending our nation for fear of having their own sensibilities offended. Never mind the Americans whose lives are actually on the line.

Didn’t McCain go to Annapolis? And don’t they teach tactics and strategy at that school? Hey Chief, there is no moral high ground to be occupied by those of you who refuse to effectively defend Western Civilization. Period.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bill Maher Gives Jihadis a “Come Hither” Gaze

Bill Maher was on Hannity and Colmes the other night and was in his usual mid-season witless form while discussing potential torture policies in the United States military and intelligence services and his assertion that CBS has censored him. When the discussion of “water boarding” came up he belittled the idea of supporting such measures with his usual morally superior sneer and questioned whether one would want to have that happen to oneself. Obviously only a severe masochist would desire a personal water boarding session so that particular bit of bumper sticker wisdom at least has the power of emotion. The problems that Mr. Maher seems not to understand are both strategic and moral. The strategic problem should be pretty obvious; we are not fighting the Swedes. The enemies we are fighting behead people; waterboarding is not on their menu despite the fact that US authorities have said that the practice is 100% effective without physically harming the enemy prisoner. If I am not mistaken the last enemy to treat US POWs in a manner consistent with the Geneva Convention was the German Luftwaffe that was headed by the Nazi Reich Marshall Herman Göring. Göring was later sentenced to death for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The strategic problem is compounded by the fact that Iran has been busy attempting to build nuclear weapons while simultaneously supporting a wide variety of vehemently anti-western terror groups.

The threat of Iranian supplied nuclear weapons in the hands of a terrorist group or groups is so potentially threatening to what we know as liberal democracy that the literal refusal to use effective tools to fight that threat is morally reprehensible. The threat that Radical Islam poses to people of other faiths is overwhelming. Overwhelming as it could include death or slavery. Let’s not forget the threat that Radical Islam represents to liberal special interest groups like women, gays, children and Jews. The refusal to aid those sometimes defenseless humans when presented with an outwardly benign option is simply not a moral stand.

Mr. Maher’s assumption of moral superiority is particularly galling as it came from a man who refuses to help others due to the fact that his sensibilities may potentially be offended. At some future time (maybe not even that far in the future) if our nation faces the threat of nuclear armed terrorist groups the refusal to use stronger methods than advocated by Mr. Maher (name, rank, jihadi number) would be suicidal, literally. Dr. Sanity has insightfully labeled much of this thinking as a problem with narcissism. The stance that Mr. Maher and many others have taken on this issue is repugnant, even within what many of us thought would be a portion of Mr. Maher’s moral compass.

Flying Debris discussed Mr. Maher in an earlier post here.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

What About My “Osama is Still Walking Around” Bumper Stickers?

The Gateway Pundit has the usual great roundup on the reports that Osama bin Laden has died of typhoid. The Kos Kidz can’t like this possible turn of events. Here at Flying Debris we are chilling the Champagne!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Blog Reader Spots Al Qaeda Terrorist in Texas Real Estate Office!

This Most Wanted Terrorist Spotted in Texas Real Estate Office!

A commenter on Ace of Spades believes that she spotted Most Wanted Man Adnan G. El Shukrijumah during her work as a real estate agent. She and a co-worker believe that they spotted the terrorist as he was attempting to rent a house in what I get the impression may have been the Austin area. He held a Mexican Counsular id that he would not give up, he did not speak with a Hispanic accent and he tested the house to find out if screams would be heard outside. Little Green Footballs linked to the Ace of Spades piece and as usual the Gateway Pundit has a great post on the subject that includes some good background. There is a $5 million reward out for Mr. Shukrijiumah.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rosie O’Donnell: The Big Cindy Sheehan

Rosie O’Donnell joined ABCs “The View” recently and she is already showing that she isn’t smart enough for television, or much else. The day after the 9/11 memorials the big one had this to say, "radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America." Maybe the big one would like to expound on where in the New Testament Christians are told to murder those who do not believe in Christianity, or where it says to murder those who leave the fold, or where it says to enslave those who are not Christian, or where it says that woman cannot enter into contracts and are to be considered one half of a man in civil matters…

Rosie needs profesional phsychiatric help, as do the producers of “The View”

NewsBusters has the story as does Mary Catherine Ham.

Hat Tip: Wizbang.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Al Qaeda Planning Nuke Attacks?

For Ramadan in two weeks? Hot Air sees an outside chance.

Monday, September 11, 2006

In Memory of Howard “Barry” Kirschbaum - A Life of Family, Friends and Service

Howard "Barry" Kirscbaum - Missed by Friends and Family

Barry Kirschbaum lost his life in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. Barry likely started that tragic morning like so many other mornings during his previous four years working in the upper reaches of one of the world’s tallest buildings. Barry was the Director of Security for Marsh & McLennan, he was in charge of 20 officers who took care of floors 93 through 100 of Tower One. Marsh was directly below the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald. Tower One was the first of the Center’s towers to be hit; I have a friend who was on the fiftieth floor who was knocked several feet out of his chair, and he’s a big guy.

I never knew Barry but after spending a few evenings searching for and reading snippets of his life through the words of friends and loved ones I feel honored to be writing this post. The comment that seems to sum up all of his friends thoughts was left by a woman Barry dated before meeting his wife Rochelle; she described Barry as a “mensch”, the Yiddish word for a good guy. Indeed Barry was a mensch.

In 1972 Barry joined the New York City Police Department and eventually rose to the rank of Detective, he retired after twenty-five years in order to start a second career at Marsh & McLennan. During Barry’s time on the Police force New York City underwent dramatic changes that often wound up (as usual) putting the city’s Police force on the front lines of society’s problems. During his third year on the force the city of New York even teetered on the brink of bankruptcy. The posts left by his friends and colleagues resonate with Barry’s gift of gab and the gift of his friendship. I am sure that twenty-five years on the New York City Police force gave Barry a nearly endless font of material to amuse and inform his friends and family.

Barry’s path in life was service and friendship; twenty five years as a NY City policeman is more than yeoman’s service yet it was probably tough for him to leave all of his friends behind. Although it did take more than leaving a job to keep him away from those old pals, his daughter Lauren, now 27 said that “He knew every restaurant and what to order and who to go with.” In New York that alone is a full time job. All of his friends wrote of how much fun he was to spend time with, whether in the Kirschbaum home in Staten Island or in one of New York’s many restaurants.

There has been a very small but vocal minority of Americans who have disparaged the WTC victims during the past few years by stating that they deserved their fate. A few have actually used slurs to describe those victims. It should be noted that Barry’s service in the WTC helped a group of people who were transferring risk in a manner that has been critical to the advancement of individuals in our modern economy. Barry’s employer Marsh & McLennan provides insurance services; those services allow products and services to be offered to consumers at lower prices. Everyday products like mortgages have been made more widely available enabling more Americans to enjoy the benefits of home ownership. Those critics simply do not understand our modern society. Barry spent the last years of his life protecting those people who help to facilitate the modern commerce that is improving the lives of so many.

Barry was a lover of family, good friends, good jazz, good brandy and a good cigar. In memory of Barry I plan to have a little bit of brandy, put on some Thelonious Monk and smoke a stashed Cuban cigar this evening. All that is left is say a prayer for Barry, his family and his friends.

Barry’s New York Times obituary can be found here.

If Barry’s family or friends would like me to add to this post please contact me at

This post was written in conjunction with thousands of other bloggers who were organized by D. Challener Roe at Many thanks to Dale for putting so much work into organizing this project.

c Flying Debris
The Jazz Funeral that Barry Kirschbaum so Richly Deserved

Exchanges to Mark 9/11

The nation’s exchanges will mark today with moments of silence.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Flying Debris Putting Final Touches on 2996 Memorial

c Suzy Rice
Yep Flying Debris is the 2,996th blog to contribute

Flying Debris was honored to become the 2996th blog to honor a victim of terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. This blogging memorial was organized by D. Challener Roe at I will be honoring the late Howard “Barry” Kirschbaum. Barry was in the World Trade Center that fateful morning. I wanted to post this as I put the final touches on the piece about Barry and I need to state that I am honored to write about him and his life.

Schumacher to Retire After Season!

c Flying Debris
Michael Schumacher navigates turn 8 during the 2001 US Grand Prix

Seven-time Formula 1 World Champion Michael Schumacher has announced that he will retire after this season, ending days of serious speculation. He made the announcement after winning the Italian Grand Prix at the famed Monza race course for his ninetieth win. Probably the only record that Schumacher does not hold is age at the time of victory and championship; he would need to race for another decade before equaling the great Juan Manuel Fangio.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Democratic Culture of Corruption: Free Speech

My Senator, the aptly named Dick Durbin (D-IL), has signed on to a disgraceful and threatening letter to Disney from some Democratic Senators. I have little to no time to write today but I would like to suggest Dr. Sanity’s take on the issue in “Free Speech Democratic Style”. She has beaten me to the punch with her mention of the fact that nearly the entire Washington DC Democratic Leadership attended the premier of Michael Moore’s bizarre 9/11 propaganda hit piece. Needless to say, they loved it.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Bill Maher to Islamists: “Please Let Me Bend Over and Grab My Ankles”

I will note at the outset that I have never found Mr. Maher to be all that funny. I have seen much funnier amateur comedians doing stand-up, sketch and improv on stage here in Chicago. However I will state that Mr. Maher knows his audience, very well. The Gateway Pundit has linked to a Hot Air piece that contains video of one of Mr. Maher’s recent shows during which he both insults Christians (likely a regular occurrence) and also cedes to the demands of islamists in order to “bring hair gel on the plane.” Beyond Mr. Maher’s apparent need for hair supplies the equivocation of American Christians (read Baptists and other conservatives) with Islamic fascists is specious, at best. I must note that Mr. Maher isn’t the only delusional person who is just as afraid of or even more afraid of the likes of the old PTL Club than he is of al-qaeda. This has been a regular theme among Democrats for some time now; it even predates 9/11. There is of course no organization of Christians actively trying to murder and enslave non-Christians anywhere in the world. Biblical theology does not tell it’s adherents to lie and cheat in order to secure the theological society of their desire. Nor does the Bible tell Christians to slay people who leave Christianity; let’s face it, the Biblical call to proselytize just isn’t that stringent. If any Christian group in America advocated even a portion of what is regularly advocated in the mosques of Islam we Americans would call that Christian group what it would deserve to be called: a cult.

As always Dr. Sanity has a very measured and informative post on self-delusion that is a must read for those interested in whys of the widespread equivocation that Mr. Maher has been practicing. The woman laughing in the video is the notorious “racial ambulance chaser” Mary Frances Berry.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Can’t Even Sell Out in Chicago

CSN&Y are playing in the Chicago area on Sunday night (Labor Day weekend) and I just heard another ad plugging tickets for the show. I guess that I’m not the only one who finds it distasteful to be lectured at by high school dropouts. Especially drop outs from Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of their music but I will not put myself in a position to be lectured at by people who live the spoiled lives of rock stars.