Saturday, February 03, 2007

Muslim “Leaders” Attend Dead Concerts!

How else to explain all of the hallucinations that some Muslim leaders have had? First there was the Big Kahuna, Mohammed, whom it is said repeatedly soared into space to have the conversations with the Angel Gabriel; those conversations later became the best seller the Qur’an. This talking to other beings thing has been catching on in the Muslim world of late, first there was the Iranian leader Ahmadinejad who has been hearing voices concerning the end of the world and some taxi driver who would come down to earth to proclaim it as such. Strangely the leader of “the soldiers of Heaven” terrorist group heard basically the same thing when he planned his ill fated attack on Muslim worshippers last week. The Gateway Pundit has a rundown on these two nutjobs and their talks with God. I must add that after twenty years of seeing the band the Grateful Dead in concert that the average Dead show had more talking with God going on during Drums/Space - Sugar Magnolia than in the entire Muslim world during the previous two millenia. It is sad but maybe if the Muslims go to school and study hard enough they can catch up with those aging hippies.

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