Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Imams - the "Superflys" of the Islamic World

Muslims often tell us "infidels" that they are oh so superior to us. One of their excuses is that "the Islamic world does not have prostitution." I have laughed at that one for years; ever since a former co-worker told me about his father who worked in the Mid-East for an American oil concern. Beyond stories of the general backwardness of the entire Mid-East (btw, this man was born and raised in rural Arkansas) he explained how those wonderful muslims got their freak on. They would go to the local imam with a request for an ahem, "marriage" for the evening. They of course would pay the imam for an ahem, "wedding" and then pay for an ahem, "divorce" later that evening or the following morning. So you see, there is no prostitution in islam, they call it ahem, "marriage", for all of you who wonder why Mid-East is so screwed up.

The Scotsman reported on this story yesterday and Charles Johnson of the fantastic Little Green Footballs picked up on it today in Weird Fatwa of the Day.

If you want to read a blog by a woman who understands why the Mid-East is so screwed up read the wonderful Dr. Sanity.

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