Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blitzen Challenges Putin to "Reindeer Games"

One of Santa's famed reindeer, Blitzen has challenged Russian leader Vladimir Putin to a series of Reindeer Games this summer. Calling Putin a "sick, sick old man" and an "utter loser" Blitzen reacted to Putin's new claim on the North Pole. As other reindeer gathered around him Blitzen stated that "Russia is just too backwards to defend themselves from us. Other than that AK-47 those losers have had to steal every bit of technology that they have ever had." The other reindeer laughed and called Putin names, an old standby up at the North Pole. Blitzen went on to state that he had first met "that little shit" on the Island of Unwanted Toys, an Arctic Circle island, and that he could take Putin "in anything." He pointed out that Putin is a "pallid weaselly little man" who "can't even ride the bike that Santa gave him years ago." At the end of the press conference Blitzen stated that he had sent a message to Putin challenging him to the Reindeer Games and included his e-mail address ( and told Putin to "quit wetting your pants."

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