Monday, June 25, 2007

Democrats Dress Fascist Pigs as Donkeys!

Democratic Congress-Creatures at the Trough

Again! Last January during the very first week of the "historic" Democratic take-over of the House and Senate the Democrats made an attempt to criminalize blogging, the better to keep those pesky opinion holders from sharing some of their more pesky opinions. Today the Senate will take up a new-fangled Democratic bill to take away the rights of workers to hold a private vote concerning union representation. This is the Democratic/Union Thug Relief Act of 2007. In a bizarre effort to, ahem, "help" working people the Democrats have decided that workers should not have any right to vote in private. This is just like municipal elections here in Chicago during the not so distant past, like this decade. Think of your Democratic precinct captain going into the polling booth along with you to ensure that you only vote for the Democratic candidate. Benito Mussolini would be very, very proud.

Add to all of that Democratic fascism the new speech regulations suggested by Senators Boxer (D-Ca) and Clinton (D-NY) that have been approved of by Sen. Feinstein (D-Ca.) who said on Fox News Sunday that she was "looking at it. I remember when there was a fairness doctrine," she said, "and I think there was much more serious correct reporting to people." Let me get this straight, she thinks that there was "much more serious correct reporting" in some gilded golden age of the past? The California Senatorial delegation has some, ahem, "issues"; I blame Owsley Stanley!

It is very strange that although the Democrats use the "public airways" argument for this bit of fascist thinking, they are not complaining about the use of "public airways" by our wonderful left-wing television networks. Let's see, CBS News used fraudulent documents in an attempt to tar President Bush with a Democratic lie just 55 days before a Presidential election; but it is the radio stations that are closest to "the people" that are the real problem here. Just six months before Dan Rather's public lie the goofs at NBC News interviewed an Egyptian, ahem, "journalist" who announced that Donald Rumsfeld "is a neo-nazi". No problem there of course, all of those elites believe that Rumsfeld is a nazi of some stripe and we all know that, ahem, "journalists" from Egypt are very fair minded, right? But it really is the radio stations that we all need to control.

One of the problems here is that most Democratic politicians do not understand capitalism (otherwise they wouldn't these fascistic ideas) well enough to understand that radio station owners have to sell ads in order to stay in business and nobody, not even those liberals want to hear any more of that liberal silliness. They have their political speech federally subsidized on the radio at National Public Radio (NPR) and on television on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) but they want to take away the freedom to listen to the politics of one's choice. God Save Us All From Their Fascist Regime! (with apologies to the Sex Pistols) The Democrats will never go after their own sacred cows, subsidized or not; hell, they even want the New York Times to leak classified information to make life much more dangerous for the troops they, ahem,"support."

Senators, you can dress a fascist pig up as a donkey but it is still a fascist pig.

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