Tuesday, September 18, 2007

the Blogger Returns to Paul-Bats

Well I'm back after a crazy week and weekend and I must respond to the comments left at this post. Whenever I write a post about Ron Paul I get some pretty wacky comments including the new assumption that entering WWII was a bad thing that only Democrats could have done. Indeed many Republicans (and some Democrats) were isolationists and it took Democratic President Roosevelt and a Japanese attack on America to get the US into WWII. The comment struck me as strange because I find it hard to figure out a reasonable argument that concludes with, the US should not have entered WWII. The idea that the world would be better off with European fascism is so strange that I wonder whether the commenter even meant to write that statement. It could have been writen while in some sort of Paul-induced haze.

In the comment section I did take issue with one commenter's assertion that "(t)o argue that Lincoln fought the war to end slavery shows a frighten ignorance of American history." There were clearly a variety of reasons that Lincoln waged war on the southern states but it doesn't strike me as very bright to make the assertion that the commenter has made. Those assertions have long struck me as simply a way to denigrate Lincoln and to negate the fact that the Republican Party once took a stand that resulted in the end of chattel slavery in the United States. The Ron Paul supporters have found the correct man to back, I just thank God that there are so few of them.



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