Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dem Religionist Loses $11 Million

The disgusting Westboro Baptist Church and it's leader Fred Phelps lost an $11 million judgement to the family of Lance Cpl. Mathew Snyder. Lost in the story is the fact that Mr. Phelps still claims to be a Democrat, plus his church "helped" run Al Gore's 1988 Presidential primary campaign in Kansas and his son, Fred Jr. was a Gore delegate to the 1988 DNC. He supported Gore due to Gore's lack of support for a gay rights initiative. Mr. Phelps later turned against Gore and the Clintons for their support of gay rights. While reading the Wikipedia entry for Mr. Phelps I noticed that his church has been picketing presentations of the play the Laramie Project across the nation, he is a character in the play. As a personal note I have used an incredible monologue by Mathew Shepard's father Dennis that appears in the Laramie Project during my training at Second City. I would actually enjoy being picketed by those guys, let's just say that I get a lot better than those jamokes.

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