Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ron Paul - Still Crazy?

What kind of question is that? On this blog I have repeatedly stated that I do not hold Ron Paul or his supporters in very high esteem but Jay Tea over at Wizbang has a great post today (with the fantastic title Still Crazy After All These Years) on an interview with the Libertarian Presidential candidate that he conducted while in college during the 1988 campaign. You guessed it, the candidate was none other than Ron Paul himself. Like Jay Tea, I too agree with some of the Paul positions from back in the day and like Mr. Tea I do not believe that many of the ideas are implementable nor do I feel that Rep. Paul has the ability to carry them out. It is very noticeable that Mr. Paul has not changed his rhetoric during the past 19 years, his followers however did not have the 9/11 Truther nonsense to babble on about.

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