Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ellen Outraged over Republican Loo-Tube Debate!

Okay, Ellen of Ellen's Tenth... has nothing to say about the Democratic Party's planted questions that appeared during the Clinton News Network (CNN) Loo-Tube Debate last night. Actually she has some inane piece about a Senior Citizen with heart problems (Ageism, Healthism), a Woman of Color (Sexism, Racism) and an Asian man (Regionalism). A sense of humor would help over there but not even the washed-up Aaron Freeman could help that crew, despite some sort of crash course in improv that he gave the local Dems last month. The intersection of humor and intellect is several miles away from Ellen and her acolytes. Here is one of Mr. Freeman's alleged pieces of humor "(a)sked what his best Bush joke is, Aaron answered, 'Bush in '08. It's the scariest too,' he quipped." Freeman was once funny, twenty years ago with the help of others. That, ahem, joke is pathetic.

More to the point, the Democratic supporters of Sen Barak Obama (D-Rezko) were recently outraged by the fact that his opponent Sen. Clinton (D-China) had planted questions during their last debate. Well, well, Michelle Malkin has a great rundown of the wide variety of Democratic presidential candidate supporters who made the show with their own planted questions. Yes, there was a Obama supporter who was a plant.

Many of my Democratic friends scoff at the idea of media-bias (to howls of laughter from those of us who stay informed!), my serious reply is that if many members of the media are not biased they are simply dumb. That is, of course a direct and often unnoticed insult to the Democrat speaker. There really is no way around it, either the people who work at CNN are complete imbeciles or they are extremely biased towards the Democratic Party. As an aside I have been on CNN and the camera man was sharper than the CNN on-air personality who interviewed me. Although possibly the most dense media person who I have ever spoken to was a producer on a CNBC afternoon finance show. The host Erin Burnett is pretty hot and she struck me as sharp, her producer however was one of the dumber people who I had professional contact with last year.

Biased or Stupid, you decide!

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