Monday, November 19, 2007

Dems Diss Ellen's Pet Bill!

Last Wednesday, Ellen over at Ellen's Tenth... blamed the continuation of the Democratic 1969 jealousy inspired tax law known as the Alternative Minimum Tax, the AMT (see a great run down on the tax here) on Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) who was in the fifth grade when this nonsense was implemented. Ellen has not informed her readers and it is unlikely that she will inform her readers that some Democrats played hard-ball politics in the House with the AMT bill. That bill's failure is a failure that Ellen blamed on Mark Kirk. Well the Wall Street Journal has this interesting story concerning the ability to sue the Salvation Army. You read that right, the ability to sue the Salvation Army. Steny Hoyer had this to say during the House floor dust-up, "How dare you destroy this party? This will be the worst loss in 10 years."

See Flying Debris' take on the opinions on this issue over at Ellen's Tenth here, here and here.

Hat Tip (on the WSJ article): Instapundit

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Anonymous Wilmette Life said...

Looks like your friend Ellen Beth Shrill wants to sue the Salvation Army for requiring their employees to speak English.

Only one problem -- the majority of people the Salvation Army helps speak English. Seems common sense that would would need employees to speak the language of the people you are trying to help.

12:14 PM  

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