Friday, November 30, 2007

An Idiot Grows at Harold Washington College

Harold Washington College (HWC) is a commuter college located in downtown Chicago and they apparently have a professor named Paul Buchheit who wrote an incredibly inane letter to the editor that appeared in this morning's Chicago Tribune. In the letter the professor wrote glowingly of Venezuelan nearly-dictator-for-life Hugo Chavez. Mr. Buccheit is a computer information teacher over at HWC and the man seems a wee bit lost outside of Fortran, Basic and Cobal.

The professor clearly has no clue concerning economics or the societies that reside outside of campus computer centers. The letter sounds many of the same paranoid and delusional rantings that we have heard from the slavers of communism for decades. The response to this kind of nonsense is simple, where in the world have the ideas of Karl Marx helped poor people achieve anything beyond poverty? That is your weekend assignment professor, have at it.

Hugo Chavez is harming the oil sector that he has stolen by getting rid of people who actually know how to operate oil companies and the systems within those companies. Mr. Chavez is also looting the "nation's" oil revenues, which of course further helps to impoverish the poor of Venezuela. The professor also seems to appreciate the Cuban dictatorship of Fidel Castro, the man whom Chavez is emulating. Another weekend project for the professor: if Cuba is such a wonderful success why is the newest car on the island a 1958 Chevy?

The American embargo is not an answer due to the rather obvious reason that they could buy automobiles from other parts of the world. The Cubans could buy: Audis, BMWs, Mercedes', Porsches, Maybachs, Skodas, Volkswagens, Land Rovers, Range Rovers, Aston Martins, Fiats, Ladas, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Toyotas, Lexus', Hondas, Mitsubishis, Nissans, Masserattis, Bugattis... They could buy new cars and they could buy used cars. No, an island nation of car guys who can keep fifty-year-old Buicks on the road simply cannot even afford a used Yugo, the simple reason for that is socialism. Socialism does not create wealth because it gives no incentive to anybody in society to succeed except the thugs who run the place. The ideas of Marx have given free rein to the sadists who are regime thugs throughout the communist world.

Ironically the places where the ideas of Marx have taken hold outside of the thug world of sadistic communist nations is the strange world of academics. These poor saps believe that they should be in charge of others despite the fact that for many of these people the biggest move that they have made is to off campus housing. The professor's delusions are especially distressing due to the fact that the student population at HWC is no doubt taking out loans to secure themselves a better future. I also attended college using student loans and know how difficult it can be to repay those loans while attempting to start a career. I also payed for college by programming computer systems, mostly accounting and inventory systems. To those students I have one thing to say, watch out for any professor who is friendly towards the ideas of Marx; sure you can brown-nose those fools in class and on tests but the minute you walk out those doors toss those idiot's ideas in the trash where they belong.

In 1865 America concluded a hot war (the cold war went on for years and in some areas is still going on) that cemented the idea that individuals cannot own other individuals. People like Castro, Chavez and Buchheit believe that they can collectively own individuals. They are disgraces.

So here is the challenge Professor Buchheit, where in the world have the ideas of Marx helped people? As a warning, I've been doing this little exercise for decades.

Update: the title of this post was inspired by the Betty Smith novel A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. The book was later made into a musical after Hollywood made a movie out if it that was directed by Elia Kazan. The late Mr. Kazan was a living, breathing Boogie Man to generations of American communists and their fellow travelers.

Update2: I have amended two sentences that a reader found offensive. The amended sentences were accurate but needless.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The less advantaged? Thanks for labling me poor and uneducated. I attend this school. It's a great school, with many excellent college professors. They're not one minded like yourself who agrees with the general media, overrated historians, and oh, yes, the government, who is responsible for murdering thousands of lives in Latin America just to get what they want. Oil is one example.

As for Cuba, so what if their newest car is a 58 Chevy. So what if they're communist, as if democracy here is the best and only way to run a nation.

I guess I'm disgrace too haha. I'd rather be a disgrace than conformist.

3:44 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

For starters I wrote nothing bad about your school, I was trying to describe HWC to a wide geographic audience who are not familiar with the down town campus.

More to the point your last sentence actually furthers my point about communism. People who are not conformists in communist states are thrown in prison or shot. The documentation for such actions are extensive and I suggest that you avail yourself to some of it. A good but tough read is the Gulag Archipelago by Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Thanks for stopping by and good luck with school, you're doing the right thing.

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Touchy much, Anon? "Less advantaged" doesn't necessarily mean "poor and uneducated."

Chip, meet shoulder.

Though, I will say you've definitely swallowed the "hate America" blue pill.

Unfortunate. I mean, compared to Cubans, I'd say you were doing alright. College education, obviously you have an internet connection. Hm. yeah, democracy in America is soooo horrible.

Tough when your political fever-dream collides with your reality.

Oh well.

2:46 PM  

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