Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Saw the Original Zeppelin Lineup...

This is the plane used by Led Zeppelin during their 1977 American Tour.

Zeppelin disembarks the Starship during their 1973 American Tour. That plane was used by many rock bands and was owned by Bobby Sherman and his manager.

An authentic 1973 rock groupie aboard the Starship.
...and I have the hearing loss to show for it. I saw them play at the old Chicago Stadium and it was a fantastic show but yeh, my ears were ringing for days afterwards. One of the things about Zeppelin tours was that they were the craziest thing to hit town, wherever they went. The photos above include the planes that they used on the 1977 and 1973 American tours. The use of a full sized jet allowed Zeppelin to stay in a major city while flying in for shows in surrounding cities. They stayed in Chicago while they toured the midwest so we read about their antics in the Chicago papers. Their plane, which for the 1977 tour wore their trademark Swansong label on it's tail, was parked near the military side of O'Hare, right off of Manheim Road. During a time when rock bands were trashing hotel rooms and outraging the local populace wherever they went, Zeppelin was the king of such behavior. Jimmy Page drank the better part of a bottle of Jack Daniel's during the three-plus hour show that I saw but on the plus side for him, he was probably just heading down to the Checker Board after the show.

Check out this very early video of Communication Breakdown:



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