Friday, December 07, 2007

UIC's Dick Simpson Commutes from Cuba?

Old-line Democratic Chicago goo-goo politician and current professor at UIC Dick Simpson wrote this ridiculous article in this morning's Chicago Sun Times. The title "Can we revive '60s-era ideals" should give any reader a clue as to what the thing is about. The article is the sort of nonsense that many of us have come to expect from those old-line 60's goofballs, including this money quote "Today, we no longer believe that anything is possible. We no longer expect to achieve peace, democracy or justice in our lifetime." When I read those sentences I wondered, is this loser Simpson commuting from Cuba? Does this clown believe that the United States is not a democracy?

Amusingly fools like Simpson constantly talk about a lack of democracy in the United States while spending their pathetic lives shilling for communists and communist ideals. If you need a good laugh, or you want to roll your eyes at the warbling of a child, by all means go read the Sun Times article.

As I pointed out in this post last week concerning another less than stellar local school, college students should be very wary of any professor who shills for communism due to the fact that those professors are simply not very smart. How any person could espouse the ideas of Karl Marx after having observed the disgrace that those ideas wrought during the previous century is beyond me. Such a person could easily be defined as an idiot or one who has serious personal (mental?) problems. Hello UIC!

The term goo-goo is a reference to naive "good government" types who usually get everything wrong and typically would throw you under the bus in order to get their way. I think that the late, great Mike Royko popularized the term.

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If Hillary and Obama aren't the poster children for 60's values gone mainstream, I don't know who would be.

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