Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Code Pink Christmas...

...Like the ones in Berkeley Cal., where the Code Pink whiners hold sway and assorted losers do bray.

(to the tune of White Christmas, may I suggest a nice Dean Martin version?)

Don Surber points out that, yeh, sure, the Democrats "support the troops". In the mean time, back in the real world they are forcing civilian contractors to give out pink slips (firing notices) during the Christmas season. I recently heard Head-Whiner Harry Reid (D-Head-In-Ass) claim that the Republicans were hurting union members by not funding the military. Now let me see, the Democratic leadership wanted to endanger airline passengers by the (unsuccessful) insistence on using union workshop rules at Homeland Security. Anybody who has flown during the past few years knows that added union rules and featherbedding are not what is needed at our nation's airports. Things are bad enough as it is. Now they are ignoring troops in the field to (unsuccessfully) make sure that their union constituents are well cared for back in their own districts.

I grew up as a Democrat in a Democratic family and for the past 2+ decades I've been wondering when the parents who left their children at the Democratic Party would return to pick them up; the kiddies have had a few accidents and they need to be changed.

Hat Tip: Instapundit

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Blogger Publia said...

I thought that not firing people at Christmas was a universal value and not subject to party. I guess that was in the old days, like when you were a Democrat.

5:47 PM  

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