Monday, December 31, 2007

Is This Fascist A Friend of Ellen?

If these reports are to be believed, and I currently see no reason that they should not be, one should wonder if the anti-American loser in question is a friend of Ellen of Ellen's Tenth... The man in question is a Chicago lawyer named Jay Grodner who has an office in Ellen's hometown of Deerfield, IL. Grodner & Assoc. has a Chicago phone number (available on Google) that has been disconnected so this creepy little man could not be reached for comment. In the past hour this goof has also taken down his law firm's web sites (unless it was hacked, which I doubt, after all there is no humor on the site, it is just gone) however here is a cached version of one of the sites.

Jay Grodner of Grodner Assoc. has been accused of vandalizing the car of an Illinois Marine who had Illinois license plates on his car that celebrate the military. This, ahem, adult "keyed" the Marines car, meaning that the pig has been accused of scraping his key along the side of Sgt. Mike McNulty's, car causing $2400 worth of damage. Grodner, a contemptible loser has said that he might pay the $100 deductible. This man went to law school? What kind of crap education did he receive? Hey Pythagoras, do you think that McNulty's insurance company would be okay with paying for your criminality? Sheesh!

Hey Ellen, what do you have to say about your fellow Traveler?

Mr. Grodner, not only am I only starting to write about your sorry ass but I come from a family of lawyers, meaning that I get free legal advice.

HatTip: Instapundit

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