Sunday, February 24, 2008

Democrats Paint Target on America

Well, here we are on day eight of Pelosi's Putsch, and nobody knows what our intelligence agencies have missed. The Democratically controlled United States House of Representatives allowed a critical law concerning the regulation of the FISA court to expire last Saturday night, leaving America more vulnerable to another attack. The relevant law allowed our people to listen in on the phone calls of known terrorists who call from overseas, in some cases the phone call is only routed through the US, even using the *72 service that reroutes your calls. This is very interesting for a wide variety of reasons, first off there is the question of whether or not Congress even has the right to legislate in the area of what may be an executive war power. It seems that whenever the two sides have gone towards the brink on that subject (powers of Congress vs. the powers of the Executive) one or both sides have backed off.

The other interesting point for me is that I, like millions of Americans, work in a potential target. Not only do I work in a target building but I take a target to work. Since 2001 al qaeda terrorist operations in the West have concentrated on public transportation and as my moniker "EL Rider" implies, I take public transportation to and from work. As of today the Democratic leadership has refused to consider a FISA replacement unless it explicitly allows their trial lawyer donors to sue telephone companies for participating in a program that helps to keep Americans safer. That provision effectively nullifies the law and may even nullify the existing program. According to Democratic Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller "What is the big payoff for the telephone companies? They get paid a lot of money? No. They get paid nothing. What do they get for this? They get $40 billion worth of suits, grief, trashing, but they do it. But they don't have to do it, because they do have shareholders to respond to, to answer to." When Jay Rockefeller is the adult in the room you know that they are having problems over there at the Democratic Party.

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