Saturday, February 23, 2008

Is Obama Blaming America For Cuba?

In response to some criticism from McCain the Obama camp has released a statement that McCain "would give us four more years of the same Bush-McCain policies that have failed U.S. interests and the Cuban people for the last 50 years.'' That is so inane I hardly know where to start. Do the Obama people know that John McCain is not the Vice President? Do the Obama people think that Bush has been President for the last fifty years? Do the Obama people think that Bush is also the President of Cuba?

More to the point, do the Obama people believe that the reason that Cuba, a former Caribbean jewel (with obvious ruling problems) has been turned into a third-world gulag is because of America's policies toward Cuba? That is stunning in it's ignorance. I guess that the Obama people are such leftists that they can't help themselves.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't surprise me considering how his Texas offices are big fans of CHE. He wouldn't want to piss off his Texas campaign workers would he?

2:19 PM  

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