Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Cougar Sighting North of Chicago

North Chicago Police are investigating multiple reports and police sightings of a "large cat" on the prowl in their community on Friday. The reports were of a three foot tall, seven foot long (including the tail) cat, that is a dangerous animal. North Chicago is about thirty-five miles north of the north side of Chicago on the shore of Lake Michigan. The beach is a freeway for animals this time of the year and that is likely how this large cat came down from Wisconsin. I do recall a friend commenting on similar sightings up near the Wisconsin border a few years ago.

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Anonymous mpw280 said...

Lets see, several weeks ago- Milton Wi, Mch 7th Elkhorn Wi, last week North Chicago, should be in Chicago just in time to eat the hapless cubbies for the home opener. We could only get so lucky. MPW

4:50 PM  
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