Monday, March 24, 2008

Professor Reynolds Blogs About Zombies - Again

Okay, he was actualy blogging about the Voting Dead or Cook County's occasional, ahem, influence on national politics. However when one considers our tendancy to allow the dead to vote he may as well have been writing about zombies. The Professor was pointing out an article from the New Editor on the makeup of the Obama lead in the Democratic primaries, 60% of that lead is from right here in Cook County, Illinois. That would be the county that includes Senator Obama's adopted home town of Chicago, the home of the Voting Dead, Jerimiah Wright and Toni Rezko. It's the Chicago Way, we see your James Riatti and raise you a Toni Rezko and the Cook County Democratic Machine, sucka!

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Blogger Publia said...

And that wonderful Chicago haiku,

In my house we vote
Even my uncle votes
May he rest in peace

11:03 PM  

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