Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nut Cases in Chicago

Well they were on Michigan Ave. after all, but there weren't very many of them. The annual Chicago anti-war temper tantrum was this evening and it was even less populated than last year's relatively sparsely attended event. The group walked past me in about five minutes, actually during most of the five minutes they stood and chanted. They had all sorts of wonderfully unimaginative chants that insulted passerby, including one that insulted any Michigan Ave. shoppers that might be within earshot at 7:30 in the evening. Shopping is clearly offensive to this group. We the viewers were also told that the only way to "exercise democracy" was to join that rag-tag group of losers in the middle of Michigan Ave.

The march featured the usual groups of fascists, communists, dead-enders and pseudo-jihadists, including a group of high school and college-age kids who mindlessly chanted "intifada. intifada!" There was a guy with a hand-painted SDS sign who was not getting the love he felt he deserved, likely because only the ornery old leftists knew what the hell the sign meant, for most of the crowd it may as well have read "PMS". Photos to follow.

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