Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glen Reynolds Gets It - Bill O'Rielly, Not So Much

Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit had this to say about Bill O'Reilly of the Bill O'Reilly Show, "JEEZ, I'M WATCHING BILL O'REILLY TALK ABOUT OIL 'SPECULATORS' and he's making a fool of himself. He absolutely doesn't understand futures markets." Yes Professor, Mr. O'Reilly is clueless when it comes to the futures markets and many other economic issues. Occasional Flying Debris commenter MPW (who like me is a futures trader) and I regularly shake our head in the pit in amazement at what O'Reilly said the night before. Sometimes the man (O'Reilly) is pretty sensible, however his certainty is often very misplaced on many (very many!) economic issues. Another trading floor person, Phil Flynn no longer appears on the O'Reilly show after he took O'Reilly to task for the fact that O'Reilly believes some pretty strange things about the machinations of our economy (btw, that is my take on it, I have no idea what Phil's take is). Very weak Bill. If it matters I have known Phil Flynn for at least five years and consider him a friend, he gave me some good advice when I started to make more regular media appearances.

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