Thursday, August 28, 2008

Barack's Acceptance Speech

This is the acceptance movie part. On this historic night, the crowd is warmed-up with an autobiography.Whoa, he's out in Chicago and he "found answer" from the people he met when he got here. good thing they put Michelle on. We heard part of this Monday night.

Here he is, what's with the music? Well, no shock, they love him. Wait, "humility"? Hillary is an inspiration, one who needs about $13 million. Ted Kennedy "embodies the spirit of service", Hmm. There's Joe and his Amtrack train again. Was that Hillary's train from Tuesday night? Economy is in turmoil because of broken politics and Bush. Katrina, again? Enough, this moment is our chance to keep America's promise alive. 8 is enough, they're chanting "8 is enough" already, who has the bumper sticker? Now he's going after a McCain advisor (Gramm) who left months ago. He's into ripping on John McCain from pretty much the get-go. Change - cheers. Now he's ripping on Bush again. Whoa, he says tha he'll help people who takes risks and starts businesses? Has he seen his own tax plan? He fought on the south side? His Grandmother is out from under the bus. Our government should work for us not against us. But he's from the Chicago Machine, he should know, we work for the government. He's now his brother's keeper, but what about that brother in Kenya? Change, he has not read the tax code again, he thinks that his ideas help small businesses. What? Now he wants to cut capital gains taxes, huh? Who knew? 10 years end our dependence on oil from the mid-east. He's blaming the oil issue on McCain. Drilling is a stop-gap but he wants to tap the strategic reserves? That is not a "stop-gap" measure because Barack says so. Does he even know what he's saying? 5 million jobs that can't be outsourced in his magical new green economy. Education; he was a failure in his previous educational leadership role at the BarackAnnenberg Challenge. He's recruiting an army of new teachers, well the teachers are a huge part of the delegations. He's lowering your insurance premiums and giving you his congressional insurance coverage, this is going to get expensive. Businesses can then dump their insurance costs on the government. Uh-oh, he's going to protect Social Security. That's scary, he doesn't understand the issues involved. Now the equal pay thing, they love it. He's closing loop-holes and giving himself the line item veto. Government can't turn off the tv, fathers aren't there, now what will he do about those family problems? No answer. I guess that he'll get some "strong diplomacy" on those problems too. Who has the temperament and judgement in a debate? He is ready, just not a Town Hall format or on FOX News, or, like anything without a teleprompter. He has avoided any debate except at 4:00 PM, on July 4th, I kid you not. We were distracted from Afghanistan, you know, the terrorists who actually attacked us. That is such a simple way to look at the situation back then, it works with this crowd but it really is not a well thought out idea. Does he even know what he is talking about? Bush won't go to Osama's cave, I guess that Obama will, he can bring Tony Rezko as an interpreter. Senator Broken Clock is now aglow in the talk of the US leaving Iraq in 2011, let's see, Barack wanted out in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, he wants out in 2009, 2010 and they may agree to withdrawal in 2011. even a broken clock is right twice a day. Now he's talking about al qada, he still doesn't understand. More loose Change. Don't you dare tell him that the Democrats won't keep the country safe, he's joking right? Clear mission, sacred commitment, blah, blah... He's finishing al qada, tough diplomacy against Iran & Russia, he'll tell them about his undergrad degree in Foreign Relations. Debates again, no town hall or fox, and only on the 4th of July. But now he's not challenging patriotism, times too serious, the hiding place of the scoundrel, patriotism, right there in mile high, the scoundrel. We all put our country first, like Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. Our sense of common purpose was lost in the last 8 years. Forget abortion, just don't get pregnant. Happy talk, others are dismissive of happy talk from democrats, he claims to have new ideas, (Karl Marx 1818-1883). He "gets it", he's not typical "pedigree". Something is stirring, up Chris Mathews' leg? Election not about Barack it's about you. Enough of the politics of the past, Chicago Politics Are the Politics of the Future. Change Happens because we Demand it, a new politics, from Chicago. The Change is coming, he saw it in Illinois? Good Lord, I need a beer. The flood waters are rising again, is that what they call it now? Martin Luther King wasn't angry, come on that wasn't his thing, you know that Barack, he was not Jeremiah Wright. He's fixing the economy, cities and saving farms? Has seen the price of corn? God Bless the United States of America, ooh, Country Music for the exit, he's waving, they're rocking, how many flags did they give out? Here comes Michelle and the kids. Now for the fireworks from the roman set onstage. Ooh, confetti, the crowd goes wild. Here's Joe Biden and his wife. More fireworks and confetti, it's like a concert, the guy's a Rock Star I tell you, a Rock Star! They're all coming out for a curtain call. They're gone.

That was the view from my couch in Chicago, for the view outside od Invesco Field check out Zombie's report at LGF.

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