Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Most Important Barrel of Oil? Hillary's Speech

Thoughts on the DNC

"Barack Obama believes that the most important barrel of oil is the one that you don't use!" That was the Montana Governor, he thinks that the less than 1% of electricity that we get from solar will somehow magically morph into our largest source of electricity during the next Presidential term. (Lord help us!) Where exactly do they find these folks? Wow, the scripted chants make them sound kind of cultish. 
Hillary had a train? What's with the train? I must have missed the train explanation. I thought that she was from Park Ridge.  Hillary is rockin', she's "playing with the boys", she's "for the families" what about the village? She's fighting again. The SNL appearance was really very good. They have Tina Fey on? Does Axelrod know? The train again? "Blast 50 women into space"? Huh? Is that Hillary as Jackie Gleason? To the moon Alice! Chelsea looks pretty good. Biden does not look happy. She's changing the world with that song? Bill's rocking, their chasing dreams and she's tearing up. 
 Lot of cheering, she's proud and she's a Senator and an American and an Obama supporter. Sure lady. She's "taking back the country", wasn't that Canned Heat? She's fighting again, this time it's for the future, she was in the trenches - of the Rose Law Firm, fighting. Nice hair Bill. "No way, no how, no McCain", she's going to go all Jesse Jackson on us. Don't they get tired of that stuff? She "laughed", she "cried". Sheesh. She's fighting again, for children who already have health care. She's grateful for Puerto Rico, the territories and all those left out by the Bush administration and the pants suit girls. She made history. Tubbs-Jones and the guy from Arkansas, yes I agree, both tragic loses. Bill's getting the survivors up. Back to humor. 8 years - we're hurting - no pants suits? Wait "partisan gridlock"? Huh? She's now rebuilding and working hard and saving and affording. Clean energy, wait, what? Honey, you're a Democrat. College affordable? What, the subsidies didn't work? Taking away workers votes and restoring sanity and she's now plundering? Wow, I'm getting worn out. Genocide, terrorism and global warming, tell it sister! She's wants you to want her. Now the whole thing is for a Marine? "No limits" for Hillary, "progress is never easy", she's fighting again. Now she's got Obama fighting, sure honey. Oooh they're a mile high tonight! She's got this unknown "green economy" thing going again. Oooh, government health care - don't get sick. Hillary and Michelle - cat fight. Hillary and Joe Biden ("wise"? wtf?) - cat fight! Oooh, a Twin Cities joke, their loving it - why didn't they put it on their BUMPERS?!?!? 1848 Seneca Falls or Marx's Communist Manifesto? Publicly it's Seneca, what about Alinsky? Keep going - hey what about the Jesse Jackson thing? She's "seen it". "We're Americans, we're not big on quitting." It's back to the Children, it's always the children. She's got faith. Yeh, Godspeed to you too honey. She's done, they're rockin', I guess they told the Obama delegates, cheer! Now they've got somebody from Aurora, Co. Good Lord, Disco Inferno? Burn baby burn, indeed. 

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Blogger Publia said...

Would you please do a stream of consciousness on Michelle and Barack, too? You could save me tons of blogging hours between now and November as I continually referred to it!

Great piece.

6:48 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

Well I fell asleep after about 2 minutes of Biden's speech, right after he thanked the troops and all of about 12 people cheered. I will however try to live-blog Obama's speech. How about the WGN story, what are those people thinking?

2:03 PM  

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