Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama and His Terrorist Buddy Ayers

Well the Obama people are whining like children again, this time they are whining about an ad that points out the undeniable relationship between Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. Obama and his campaign manager David Axelrod both lied while downplaying Obama's relationship with the unrepentant terrorist. Ayers is famous for being quoted in the NY Times on September 11, 2001 as saying that yes he did attempt to blow up the White House and that he and his selfish comrades did not terrorize America enough. It is notable that Bill Ayers, like his terrorist wife Bernadine Dohrn, (here is a post on their fascist-loving adopted child Chesa Boudin) he grew up in the lap of luxury. They grew up as spoiled rich kids and when they didn't get their way they planted bombs and murdered people. The Weathermen was really a group of losers who couldn't even make bombs very well, some of them blew themselves up in Greenwich Village and another bomb meant to blow up the former 1st National Bank of Chicago Building instead blew up theatergoers as they left the Shubert Theater in downtown Chicago. Barack Obama has had a very long relationship with Bill Ayers that he has been unsuccessfully attempting to hide.

The American Issues Project recently released the video below and has paid to have it shown on television stations around America, so what did Barack Obama do about this? He whined to the television networks and the stations, then he threatened the stations, then his people threatened the advertisers and then they sued. Welcome to Barack Oabama's America, if we don't like your speech we will sue you! Just be thankful that we haven't blown you up yet!

Here is the truthful advertisement:

Here is Politico's take on Obama.

The Gateway Pundit is on this trail as is Michelle Malkin, they are literally on the trail, they both went to Denver this week.

Barack Obama has surrounded himself with scumbags.

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