Friday, August 29, 2008

Hanging Out With Unserious Baseball Fans

This afternoon I will be at Wrigley Field, the place of which Barack Obama said, "(y)ou go to Wrigley Field, you have a beer, beautiful people up there. People aren't watching the game. It's not serious. White Sox, that's baseball. South Side." I'll be sitting in the Left Field Bleachers, so I certainly hope that my Senator approves of the left side.

Obama's comments were imbecilic and is just the sort of stuff that certain people in our town tell themselves about the team (the Sox) that rarely sells out their park. I go to 3-6 Sox games per year and the last two sellouts that I have been to at Sox park, one was a playoff game against Boston in 2005 and the other was the final game at the old Comiskey Park in 1990.

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