Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Cleaner Has Arrived at the UIC Library

Harvey Keitel as "the Cleaner" in Pulp Fiction

The AP is reporting that officials at the University of Illinois at Chicago's Richard J. Daley Library will relent and release their collection of public records concerning the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. The fact that Barack Obama was the Chairman of that failed educational experiment and that those records likely show a relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers beyond what Obama has admitted to, tells me that those files have been reviewed and culled. This is Chicago after all. The Obama team could not have used the Clinton's "Cleaner" Sandy Berger so they likely had to find a few Keitel-like characters to scrub those boxes of records clean. As the Chicago Tribune's John Kass helpfully pointed out in this column concerning the likelihood of damning evidence being made public before the November election "when Chicago had a true reform mayor, his freedom of information officer was Clarence McClain, a former pimp with a bad wig who ended up in federal prison for taking bribes. Now that the Daleys run things, forget about it." Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit fame just commented that "(o)f course, some will say that the delay was just so that the files could be vacuumed of any embarrassing information." A lifetime spent watching Chicago politics has made me one of those "some".

Hat Tip: Powerline

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