Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bernardine Dohrn - Northwestern's Bullshitting Terrorist

This is amazing, Northwestern Law employee and former Weatherman fascist Bernardine Dohrn claims to have never supported terrorism. Hey lady, you wasted your spoiled young adulthood as a common, selfish terrorist. This known terrorist wrote the following letter to the Daily Northwestern (btw, Northwestern also employs a Holocaust denier Arthur Butz, what a lovely school). Here is the letter from a former member of the Weather Underground Terrorist Group:

The tone of Guy Benson's April 5 guest column, "Law Prof Owes Explanation," is the kind of poorly researched "new McCarthyism" so suddenly fashionable. The reporter says he is denied "both sides of the story," unable to get a "balanced assessment." He quotes my "assistant" and the New York Times quoting my "husband" and asks me to clarify his alleged comments.

Since I speak publicly about the war in Iraq, racism, children's rights, international law and human rights, Benson and all NU students are welcome to be part of the regular give-and-take I enjoy with students, audiences and activists. To clarify, I have never endorsed terrorism, the use of violence to intimidate or coerce a civilian (or any other) population.

I fought the illegal, immoral war against Vietnam and the organized terrorism of my government -- and I unequivocally oppose the terrorism of governments, individuals, and religious, political and irregular organizations. I believe we all have an obligation to speak up about what is being done in our name.

-- Bernardine Dohrn, professor, School of Law

This piece of disingenuous crap from the Daily Northwestern can be found here.

Ms. Dohrn obviously considers others to be too dimwitted to possibly understand her very public and pathetic past, and I must say that if Northwestern students (or anybody else) swallows this woman's crap then they deserve to be treated as ignorant chumps.

I commented on another interesting NU Law Prof here.

Obama has surrounded himself with a group of lying, fascist jackals.

Update: Yesterday (4/25) the New York Post reported that the commencement speaker at NU Law this year will be none other than NU Law Class of '68 alum Jerry Springer. Yes, that Jerry Springer. H/T: Instapundit and Volokh Conspiracy.

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