Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back-Stabbin-Biden Screwed JFK Aide Sorensen

This piece from the Times Online is not a shock to those of us who follow politics, after all the only way that Joe Biden has distinguished himself is as a World Class Jerk. In his memoirs Ted Sorensen discussed dealing with Biden after Carter nominated Sorensen as Director of the CIA, first Biden lied to Sorensen by enthusiastically telling him that he was "the best appointment that Carter has made!" True to his form Biden went on to stab Sorensen in the back.

Here is what Sorensen wrote in Counselor:

On the other hand, the prize for political hypocrisy in a town noted for political hypocrisy went to Joe Biden. On my first courtesy call to his office, he could not have been more enthusiastic, supportive, and gracious, calling me "the best appointment Carter has made!"

At the opening of the hearing, he changed both his tune and his tone, stating: "Quite honestly, I'm not sure whether or not Mr Sorenson could be indicted or convicted under the espionage statutes.......whether Mr Sorenson intentionally took advantage of ambiguities in the law or carelessly ignored the law."

After listening to my statement of defense and withdrawal, he said: "Ted, you are one of the classiest men I have ever run across in my whole life."

Back-Stabbin-Biden is one big dishonest creep.

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