Monday, September 01, 2008

FOX Is Reporting Levee Topping Waves in New Orleans

Here we go again. At least this time the people had enough sense to leave town last weekend. I have spent a lot of time in New Orleans and have always been amazed at the attitudes towards the canals. Something about walking out into the backyard and looking up at ships, combine that with the afternoon I spent in the French Quarter during a storm after some pumps failed and, well I would get out of town too.

So FOX has reported that a levee on least one and possibly two canals are being topped by storm surge and wind-driven waves. They are additionally reporting that there is at least one barge loose in the Industrial Canal, there is a possibility of two more vessels being loose in the Industrial Canal, where there have been reports of a levee being topped.

UPDATE: One barge corralled, the water in the canals is still rising. The Army Corps is looking for additional vessels.

UPDATE: The Army Corps has reported that the New Orleans levees are holding and that they did not have to close gates at Lake Pontchartrain and that the waves topping the levees were not a serious problem and that the pumps in New Orleans are operational.

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