Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Obama Ally Tries to Scam School Money

Photo Copyright: Flying Debris
Meeks protesting the war with a few other losers in 2003.

Photo Copyright: Flying Debris

The loud-mouthed Obama ally Rev. Meeks is protesting the failure of Chicago's students and he is blaming that failure on the lack funds controlled by him and his allies. He is always about the money. He is taking children out of school (the schools will lose state money for this stunt) in order to protest the fact that the wealthy parents of Chicago's North Shore have chosen to pay higher taxes so that their children could have good schools to attend. Schools like New Trier, New Trier spends over $16,000 per student while the Chicago Public School Syatem spends about $10,600 per student. To put all of this in perspective one of the best school systems in the state is in suburban Naperville where they spend $9806 per student. The well documented problems of the Chicago Public School System has more to do with students not graduating and the parents of those students not caring. Sure they care enough to blame their own children's failures on others, especially if they can yell at somebody and demand more money, but in converation after conversation I hear teachers complain that the parents just don't care. I blame the supposed "religious leaders" in those communities.

According to Meeks, the problem is not that the parents that he "ministers" to are not involved with the lives of their own children but rather that the system needs more money that can be controlled by Meeks and his pals. This is just another Democratic scam, we can expect more of those scams in an Obama administration, a lot more. If Obama can't get his allies to tone things down while he is running for president we can reasonably expect that he could never get his allies to stop marching and demanding that we all pay for scams like the one Meeks is attmpting to pull off today.

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