Friday, December 19, 2008

Blago Talks - Dems Twist In Wind

 This has got to be killing the Democratic politicians of Illinois. The guy who knows where a lot of skeletons are buried is in a vice and he is being squeezed. Publicly they want him gone but privately they are probably donating to his legal defense. They don't want him saying nothing to nobody.

 Humorously Blagojevich started out his press conference today by stating that "I will fight. I will fight. I will fight until I take my last breath." Listening to that opening and knowing how "with-it" pop culture-wise Blagojevich is (well, from a time when Elvis was the King) I wasn't sure if Hot Rod was riffing on Pat O'Brien in Knute Rockne All American as a shout-out to the Daley family or if he was about to announce his allegiance to the Jets from West Side Story. Here is the press conference:


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