Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Caroline Kennedy - Aided by the Corrupt Daley Machine

As the nation's political conversation turns to the idea of Caroline Kennedy as the appointed US Senator from New York it is important to remember how she got to this point. It is very simple, she was born into consideration. The only reason that Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg is being considered for anything beyond art critic or legal associate is that her father was once President. It should be remembered that the only reason her father, John F Kennedy became President is that he was aided and abetted by vote fraud that was famously run by the Chicago Daley Machine. The Daley Machine is also the reason that Rod Blagojevich is currently the Governor of Illinois.

Beyond the fact that her entire life has been defined by the results of a dirty vote fraud in Chicago what does this woman think that she will bring to the table to help the State of New York? The Kennedy family has shown a lifetime of entitlement for generations and this is just more of the same for that family. I have to wonder, is Michael Skakel busy? It is almost riotous that members of the Democratic Party want the New York Senate seat to be occupied by a completely inexperienced woman with historic ties to the Chicago Daley Machine and its vote fraud activities.

On the other hand, like Steve Goodman's You Never Even Call by My Name she may be the perfect Democrtaic candidate for New York state, she is after all: the daughter of man who gained the pinacle of US politics with the help of the corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine, her uncle, a US Senator killed a woman while DUI, one cousin murdered a neighbor while high, another cousin ran into a DC barricade while DUI, another cousin was killed when he ran into a tree while SUI (skiing uinder the influence), she worked at an art museum, she has worked at the family library, she attended Radcliffe, she is a lawyer. If this is the best that New York can do then it is little more than a backwater, possum stew and all.

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Blogger Publia said...

Yes, all of them, carrying on like the aristocrats of Europe before the people put them out of business for their behavior. How long will America put up with this?

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

America's royalty wants another crown. What does she have to gain? Sad, it would have been her brother more likely to have assumed the role.

6:42 AM  

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