Monday, January 26, 2009

Eric Holder: "I Need Bill Curtis to Help Me Find the Internet!"

Obama's Attorney General nominee and former Rod Blagojevich attorney Eric Holder has now admitted to gross incompetence. Mr. Holder has stated that he did not know who fugitive tax cheat Marc Rich was. Ranking Republican Arlen Specter had the following exchange with Mr. Holder:

Specter: Did you receive information about the facts of the Rich case from anyone other than Mr. Rich’s attorney, Jack Quinn?

Holder: No.

Eric Holder could not find the internet.

At the time in question Mr. Holder was the Deputy Attorney General of the United States, he worked in the Justice Department yet he failed to notice the fact that tax-cheat and international fugitive Marc Rich was on the United States Justice Department's Ten Most Wanted List.

The corruption of Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party continues apace.

Here's a little help for Eric Holder and all of those Obamanites who are having trouble with those sticky facts, it's Bill Curtis and he has helpfully found the internet for Mr. Holder.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Case, call the Man. Just call the Man. Al Gore is the MAN for the internetthingabajob

7:26 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

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