Thursday, January 29, 2009

Judge Disallows Obama's 120 Day Delay of Gitmo Hearings - Update!

The Washington Post has reported:

A military judge in Guantanamo Bay has denied the Obama administration's request to delay proceedings for 120 days in the case of a detainee accused of planning the October 2000 attack on the USS Cole warship, an al-Qaeda strike that killed 17 service members and injured 50 others.

The question is this, how will the Obama administration react? If they are insistent on not proceeding with this trial then the Defense Department will be forced to drop the charges, charges against a man who allegedly plotted the murders of 17 American servicemen. The coming hours may show us whether our nation's government will fight terrorists or if they will fight those who actually do fight terrorists.

Update: As noted here, some Democrats now describe the judge's ruling as "insubordination" against President Obama. Ten days, two minutes into the Obama administration and they are describing a judicial ruling as "insubordination" against their idol, this is chilling.

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