Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More on Connected Chicagoans Who Threaten Bloggers - $400,000 per "Low-Income" Condo on Subsidized Land

Here is a video put out by the Fix Wilson Yard organization (FWY), the organization that filed the suit against the city of Chicago and Wilson Yard developer Peter Holsten. Mr. Holsten is the developer whose legal team has subpoenaed Uptown bloggers and community organizations. The FWY charges outline a disgrace, the city has promised to give the developer over $60,000,000 in tax revenues and their question is very simple, why does this guy need a subsidy for land that is a 1/2 mile from Lake Shore Drive and a 1/2 mile from Wrigley Field? I also must ask why, other than trying to get more votes for Alderman Shiller, the Uptown neighborhood should be further subjected to the problems of low-income subsidized housing? The neighborhood has more than enough problems with gang banging street dealers as it is. For this subsidy the developer has apparently promised condos for low-income families that cost over $400,000 - on subsidized land. What kind of business are we talking about here?

The discussion over how to proceed with the redevelopment of Wilson Yard started after the Yard burned down in 1996, I lived near Wrigley Field at the time and you could smell the odor of embers for weeks afterwards but the stench of Chicago politics has lingered over the Yards for more than a decade.

Hat Tip: Chicago News Bench

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