Thursday, March 19, 2009

ACORN Shakedown Racket Sees Light of Day Today

The Washington Times has the story, Heather Heidelbough the lawyer for whistleblower Anita Moncrief will testify in front of the House Judiciary subcommittee on the Constitution, civil rights and civil liberties concerning her client's sworn court testimoney that ACORN had participated in "unlawfully coordinating campaign activity with Mr. Obama's presidential campaign to deliberately engaging in voter-registration fraud and misusing federal grant money", among other things.

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Democrats to do anything about the liberal vote fraud racket that is ACORN.

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Anonymous Kailey said...

Thank you El Rider. You definitely "get me."

Nice site too.

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Kailey said...

Oh, I should say that when I say, "you get me", I'm talking about the Jefferson Airplane information.

Thanks again.

8:03 PM  
Blogger El Rider said...

Yeh, I figured that you were writing about the Airplane, my favorite '60s Bay Area band. This morning I have Wookie Foot and Michael Franti & Spearhead on the iTunes, you just never know what will come up on shuffle.

10:14 AM  

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