Saturday, February 25, 2006

Gang of French Muslims Vie for Title of Most Putrid Pigs on Planet

This bizarre story about a gang of Parisian Muslim pigs who kidnapped, tortured and murdered a Parisian Jew is little more than a continuation of the litany of disgraces perpetrated in the name of Mohammed and his little book. These pigs tortured this poor guy for weeks and burned his flesh in the cramped quarters of the outer Parisian slums. Allegedly, no neighbors were aware of this activity. Yeh, right; and I’m Bill Clinton. It would be easier to take seriously the Islamic insistence on others showing some low level of reverence towards their “prophet” if his alleged words weren’t used in such a disgraceful manner. Okay, I will admit, it is ridiculous for them to expect any reverence from those of other faiths. I would like to note the differences between the word “reverence” and the word “respect”. I do not expect them to revere Jesus; they should not expect me to revere some 7th century warrior.

Although I am no biblical scholar I can think of no place in the Bible’s New Testament were I am instructed to go out and murder my fellow man because he blasphemed a book or drew a cartoon or was a member of another religion. Although the New Testament does tell its readers to go out and convert people to Christianity it decidedly does not tell anybody to enslave or murder those who choose not to. Yet outside the United States I have seen Muslims murder for those reasons throughout my entire life. Religion of peace, my ass.

I have yet to notice any strong contingent of Muslims in the US or elsewhere who have spoken out against these Islamic pigs who may be bringing disgrace to their religion. They have been too busy lecturing us about how peaceful they are and how we should show reverence to their ideas and taboos. I say that those pigs "may" be bringing disgrace to their religion because I do not see Muslim leaders taking any action against such people and groups. The actions of these pigs are likely not even seen as disgraceful to some in their own communities. Be it cowardice or religious belief, these Muslim leaders are doing nothing to “defend” their faith against the honest and realistic charges that people like myself level against it daily. Does the Muslim Martin Luther walk the earth today or does the world have to wait several more centuries for an Islamic Reformation? Unfortunately some Islamic pig may have they already slain him for blasphemy.

Hat tip to the guys at Powerline.

Update: I feel that I need to once again state that I do not expect my neighbors to torture and burn local Jews; in one part of Chicago (the Devon Ave. area) Jews and Muslims live and do business next to each other. It is tragic that this is not true in so many places in our world.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Rider;

"Moderate" muslims must do more than merely denounce. They must confront those in their midst who openly or covertly, implicitly or explicitly, support the murderous exteremists. They must expose and turn out anyone who is involved with this directly or indirectly. Anything else is mere puffery.

The North Side Sox Fan

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