Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yale University – the Nuthouse in New Haven?

How Did Work of Yale Freshman Aid This Murder?
c Zaheeruddin Webstan/CORBIS

In Thursday’s Wall Street Journal editor John Fund wrote another excellent article, this time on the former Taliban spokesman who Yale admitted last year. Flying Debris wrote about this nonsense in That Kid at Yale and Attention High Schoolers – How to Get into Yale, concluding that although Mr. Hashemi may have given aid to the US in exchange for admittance to the States and to a university, it is likely that the Admissions Board at Yale simply found such a despicable human to be irresistible. In this subscription article Mr. Fund informs us that the Yale fascist has a fourth grade education and a GED. I’m going to guess that he didn’t attend Kabul Country Day and that a fourth grade education in Afghanistan may not be up to Yale’s usual standards.


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